January 17, 2009

Long Time No Post xD

Whhiiirrrr I've not posted since December 30th so yeah i suck :U

So.. I helped my mom make Jam tarts today for Chinese New Year xD
I helped her add the jam to the middle of the dough :u

and I helped her pack it up nicely in these jars :u

Oh yeah did I say my dad went to Hong Kong? no. of course. He bought two HUGE boxes of chocolate, both 500 grams of Belgian chocolate, HO MAI GAWD those are tastey :'D

Lawl also I bought some stuff when i went out with my mom to Times Square, I bought stuff and a top. :'D

(Keychains o3o)

(buttons! oDo)

And oh yah when my mom went out(different day), she bought me this cute bear jar container thingy that i really like(i wanted to buy it last time but i cant find the chance to)

PHEW, thats a lot of stuff i got xDDD
NOW TIEM TO SHOW YOU MY ROOM AGAIN! <3<3 its much messier o3o

(yeay my Cloud piccu <3)

thats all folks <3
Oh yes and I'm currently coloring a drawing of mine(giving it a bg)
Its coming out great so far |3

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