February 17, 2010

LOLOLOL I learned something new? + CNY Party tomorrow!

Yaaaaaaayyyy My friends are coming over tomorrow (18/2/10) for my Chinese New Year party at my house! 8DD I can't wait!! getting so excited *runs around the house*

Lets see.. I invited 18 people.. whoo. My house is going to collapse!! Only 12-15 people confirmed.. but that is still so many OTL OTL;;;
Not to mention 7(+) of my BROTHER's friends are coming over too... WHOOT! 20 over kiddos in the house! YEAH! xDDD;;;;
My dad bought 150 sticks of Satay xDD Going to order Pizza and buy some KFC.. yeah.. xDD

Apart from that, I learned something new! OTL
A type of pattern that I love SOOO much, I finally got to know the name xDD

This pattern is called 'Argyle'. Weird name. OTL

Okay.. getting some weird interest in gothicish/punkish clothing. Not too bad actually.
And the bondage *cough* pants *cough* Lol
Right. Whatever.. lolol

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