April 5, 2010

Cameron Highlands Trip!!! (April 2010)

YES! \o/
It was boring, kinda. But nice and cool.. Cameron Highlands isn't that cold anymore OTL
Took a lot of photos!! Got some weird ones too.. whatever. \o/
Because it's a Family Day celebration (by my dad's hospital company whatnot), there's telematches/games. It was amusing. I didn't participate in anything tho, I'm like, the oldest child there. OTL

Photo time! Because I'm lazy to type a lot..

At the T Cafe! I love the scones there!!

it's a spider.. no, it has 8 legs. xDD.. I saw the same one last year, now it's so much bigger!!!!

this is the front of the spider.. and my photo was so sharp you could even see the hairs on it's leg OTL.. I'm so awesome

the front of the hotel I stayed in

it's a wood carving inside the hotel OTL


Yeah.. I'm hot. \o/ PINK FROGGY SOCKS!!!!

he's one hot (and toned) guy 8DDD and my even sexier dad at the back \o/ during the games

during the celebration dinner

don't mind me, I was bored.. OTL

the next day... uhh... another wood carving..

expensive-ish restaurant? I had more scones

my most favourite photo. This one looks awesome! \o/ at the Boh Tea factory/cafe

it's a bug. Same place

Tea plantations!!

my mom keep wanting to take photos of me. OTL

the Cafe at the Boh Tea plantation/factory/cafe place

ttttthhhaaattss all!! \o/

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