November 13, 2010

Sighh~ another boring day

...and so.. I decided to find and save pictures of my wonderful husband, Cloud Strife.. Idk. OTL;;

He's probably thinking "Damn you Brenda, stop stalking me" xD

Ohhh... I finished watching Sora no Otoshimono Season 1... damn funny xDD (WARNING: if you are tempted to find out what anime this is, I warn you that this anime has ecchi content..)
SUGATA!! ftw
In episode 11.. he wore a dress.. I was like "WHAT THE----" xDDDD VERY EPIC!! I love him and his weirdness so much!!! xD

"Hello, Gentlemen. My name is Eishiro Sugata. This is my assistant, Pretty-kun"

LOL! This costume is epic too, but not as epic as the dress... damn, I can't find any pictures of him in it..

Ohh... I also finished watching Nyan Koi! it's very cute >w< JUNPEI!!! XDDD Lawlllzz


This anime is very funny.. It's also very hard for me to find normal pictures of Junpei xDD

That's him.. xD

Hmm...... what to do? OTL;; I'm bored..

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