March 14, 2011

Sweet 16 Birthday Party~


<3<3 I'm officially 16 now!! *hugs everyone* >w< <3<3
I celebrated on March 12, duh! Its my birthday after all XD; LOLOLOL~~~
I invited a lot of friends but some didn't turn up ><
The first half of the day, srsly conquered by guys XD;; jiong! Then later my Girl friends join in \o/

Here's the Photos~

My BEAUTIFUL friend, I mean it! :D


Harry... looking cool there :D

Joe Yee~~

No longer I become the center of attention, but a CHESSBOARD *shakes fist*

LOLOL Look at Wong Sifu XD

Zacky and Lulu, seriously concentrating XD


Iqi and Zacky at the grill~

Cool pose, guys :D

Nate and Reb

Lulu/Nero thought I was taking a video orz

My cousin! lolz

My grandma is there too :D

My bro~ XD

LOOK OUT, It's Pedotan! :O

Harry and his awesome poses XD

I'm opening Isaac's AWESOME Present!

LOOK AT IT! layer after layer after layer of newspaper ==

...and what do I find inside (finally)? == A teddy bear! Jiong!!! Awesome present!!! I really love it :'D

Iqi~ :P Look at his RED eyes xD

Reb looks so cute when she sticks her tongue out xD

My beautiful cake :'D

GROUP PHOTO!! I love it :D

Ash and Nero XD LIGHT SABERS!!!

Harry being all Mafia-like... NICE SOCKS! XD

Being cool, facepalm

I shoot people with that smile on my face :D

orz!!! I was trying out the Ciel dress Isaac gave me xD

LOL! We were playing a game xD

The losers orz

JIONG Group!!! XD Nice face there Wong Sifu, Nero and Ash XD

The winners of the game gets Forrerro Rocher?! JIONG!! They didn't even share!!!!! orz

Playing Cho dai Dee XDDD

Watching my bro play Vanquish, BUMSLIDE!!!

Look its Nast!!

Natalie the pretty girl~

The guys stayed until 12 midnight =w=;;; orz

LOL look at Zack XD

Here's some extra photos, my friends took them :D

I REALLY REALLY Like this one! It looks so Vintage-y and both our clothes have the same patterns!!

LOLZ, Photobomb XD

Fanservice =w=;; as if I have Fans orz

I took this, orz, Im a noob


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