September 10, 2011

Cosplay Testing? XD

LULZ! I'm really into cosplay, thou because I don't really have the budget for the extremely pricey costumes and I doubt my parents would allow me to buy clothes that cost RM100+ and are not going to be worn casually, I couldn't cosplay properly YET! D:

I still have some costumes here and there, but I really want to be a recognizable character like "OMG LOOK! It's *Hatsune Miku!!" xD Not a "OH LOOK! Its a Meido(maid)!!" orz;; (*Its just random, I don't intend to cosplay as her)

XD; I'm currently obsessed with No.6, hence THIS :

NEZUMI!! With digitally editted makeup and lenses XD

And ALSO Sekaiichi Hatsukoi =w= <3

Ooohhh~ Guess who?? 8D


LOLOL! Seme much?! :D My wig kind of reminded me of Gackt XDDD

Haha, My friend bought some pretty pretty eyelashes for me <3 Its very cheap, so I tried them out for fun XD

Buddha! You have no idea how much trouble I went through just to stick those on! orz;;
I didn't put any eyeliner on my top lid because I just wanted to try the lashes, and ended up trying my white eyeliner and this happened XD;

This post was really random. Haven't updated my blog for a while ;u;

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