January 7, 2012

Shopping!! XD

Just yesterday I went shopping with my mom, we walked like MAD!! Seriously mad, to Times Square, Sungei Wang/BB, and then Lot 10 Isetan. Not enough time for Fahrenheit and Pavillion though! We ate lunch at ExpresSoup ^^ Yum~

We bought so many things this time XD Since CNY is coming soon, our main objective is to buy NEW CLOTHES!! Wheee~~~ XD So here's some clothes that I got!

Some awesome looking mod like dress, it's really cheap, RM25 xD Looks good too!

A gray cardigan from Seed XD It's comfy~ RM69

Hoho, my mom agreed to buy this Sweet Lolita dress for me!! She says the price is reasonable so.. yeah~ RM139!

It's just bought so it's so un-ironed OTL;;

Cute parfait/ice cream prints on the skirt~♥

After a while of walking we got a bit tired so we decided to sit down somewhere at Sungei Wang. We saw this Hokkaido Crepe Cake shop and wanted to try it XD

The cake tastes wonderful! and look at how many layers of crepes and cream they put to make this XD wow~ one slice is RM7.90

I'll post some photos of myself wearing the dresses soon I guess XD

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