February 18, 2014

Brazillian Barbecue & Buffet Dinner

Last Sunday (16/2/14) my dad took my family out for a buffet dinner @ Samba Brazillian Churrascaria. That was my first time going to Avenue K (I've only been to the H&M from the KLCC station below xP)

I have to say, this mall looks so grandious ahaha, the floorspace is quite wide, it makes the shops look huge xD

Tokyo Pastry, omg such a cute interior design. Makes it look like you're having your tea in a study room <3

Their foodcourt looks exceptional as well xD so well decorated and spotless.

Adorable little decos near a small fountain

The view from the foodcourt, this place looks so fancy hahaha, and that residential building really caught my eye!

Cute dino skeleton deco out of nowhere xD

Samba, this is where we ate~

Omg I'm famished...! XD

Marvelling at that succulent meat LOL

Some random simple appetizer food I mashed up from the buffet tables lol!! Kept it light for all the meat later :'D

My mom and bro with the wonderful meat hahaha

Modelling around my favourite part of any buffet; the dessert corner <3

One of the many rounds of desserts I had that night xD the cake tasted great!

The restaurant also featured this cute telephone box with the words KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON

More shameless photos of myself with bulls and other random backgrounds xD haha

All in all I loved the beef and rump steak, it tastes heavenly~~ the current promotion price was RM89++ (RM103 per person for the buffet, gasp)

The boutiques around here were really cute too, I didn't get to window shop much so I hope I can come around again soon :)

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