March 8, 2014


So the other day (Last thurs), we did dissection on lab mice in our Biology class. I was so excited! That was my first time actually dissecting something. (Ugh, no such opportunity during my Highschool years, sadly).

The mice were so adorable ;__; When I saw them scurrying around inside the cardboard boxes, I couldn't imagine ever doing anything to them (like killing them).

The instructor then soaked some cotton with chloroform and put the mice to sleep.

Goodbye, Little One :<

Argh this looks srsly brutal, he did a little mistake and accidentaly cut a vein so there was a lot of blood xD

Fixing up my scalpel; it's gonna be my turn.. :>

I honestly felt bad in the beginning. Like, poor little mice, they don't know what they're gonna go through. But hey, this is for studies, so I can't do anything about it.

Yeaahh. A bit of camwhoring before I get to my work lol!

Bla bla, I cut up the mouse and yeaaahhh~~ I did the thing! The instructor praised me for the 'no blood' (basically I dissected the mouse without spilling any- or much of its blood).
My mouse's heart was still beating the whole time! Quite fascinating.

Also, when I was dissecting, I was superbly paranoid that the mouse would wake up, so I placed some cotton with chloroform on its face xD lol!
The abdominal muscles on my mouse was twitching too, omg I was so scared something might happen xDD haha

Some photos of my friends with their own mice :p

Yeah, that's pretty much it. I had an enjoyable experience and we would definitely be dissecting more in the future. I look forward to it xD

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