September 30, 2008

Another Day...

... of holiday!! lol
just finished reading the Fourth book of 'The Immortals Quartet' by Tamora Pierce, yesterday.
It was a great book, very interesting, i can say. It's a fantasy genre book (which i most love) that is about a girl named Daine.. and blablabla.

So now I am reading Deltora Quest 2 for the second time, after reading DQ 1 (all 8 of them books xD)
So far I have completed the first DQ2 books (out of 3) and is reaching end of the second book... lol xD so yeah, you can say I have read 2 books in one day. d:
Each of the books have about 135+ pages, so it takes only half a day for me to complete, and it's VERY interesting, i say..

I'm currently watching some nice anime now, they are:
1. Code Geass (R2)- second season.. yeah.. very nice xD
2. Macross Frontier- STILL not done yet.. waiting for my brother to download the LAST episode, anyway, it's nice aswell.

Also, i am reading online comics:
1. Dr Mcninja- yes. it is awesome. and the art rules. so yeah... its awesome.. pure awesome (
2. Butternut Squash- just started, so i have no comment about it yet xD (
3. LFG- VERY awesome. i love richard xD (

Indeed, as said. i like anime, and now my friend has made me addicted to a song produced by a program to make japanese music, Vocaloid.
this is the song, i cant stop listening to it.. it's so... enchanting xD

So yeah, i really love the song. Cant find a place to download it though. Help? xD
Also, I am into Neopets again... didnt touch it for years. So i made a new one xD anyway the old one cant recognise me anymore, so yea..

Well, thats all I have to say today xD It's especially long today, somehow.. and yeah, bye d:

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