October 3, 2008

Had Fun Again Today!

lawlll.. i went to Times Square (KL, Msia) with my mother, aunt and cousin, and her cousin today.
I bought loads of new stuff:
- a sixties dress that is pure awesome and cute!
- leg warmers! (so anime xD)
- 4 pairs of earrings (all for RM10)

soslike yeah. I love the dress. It's like, a white dress with cherries on it xD.. with a black ribbon around the waist.. then matched with a black half-jacket. Very cute, but only to be worn when i have to attend dinners, parties(?)

the leg warmers... yes... i've been craving for it so much D:
and so.. this is a plain white one, it's very long xD like 50cm? i think so.

the poster. is. awesome. Dong Bang Shin Ki ;A;

anyway (xD)..
BOUGHT BRISINGR! the third book in the Inheritance sequel(?) xD
following book from Eldest, which is from Eragon. my brother is reading the book now.. damn it's so thick.

okay. now I'm currently reading a new online comic; Kukuburi (www.kukuburi.com), it's very interesting, and the art is wonderful aswell xD
btw, just finished watching ep 13 Code Geass(R2) yesterday, DANG SAYOKO... SHE RULES.. and had epicfight with Orange xD

okay fine, i stop typing now D: I is getting random.

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