October 24, 2008


yay. Thats all. :u

Today i only had 4 subjects in school, so yeah, lame. Only brought 4 books to school, okay whatever. Relief the WHOLE day. Boring. So totally boring.
Dunno why i just started feeling like drawing comics, so i drew something weird the other day, and my brother gave me ideas for Part 2 (cuz i just LOVE his ideas XD)

so... yeah... i finished watching Code Geass (heck yeah, like so long ago xDD)
It's so epic!!
Lulu died. Oh who cares? xD
Rolo died. OMGNOTHATCANTBEHAPPENNING D: D: D: xD no im just kidding
lol, serious case of A.D.D. here, forgive me.

CHANGE TOPIC, still reading DGM like crazy. Now only until chapter 56+ out of 175 D: sadsadsad.

lol random picture x] It's just so hard to find nice pictures of Allen |:<

Oh yeah! Today I read TheStar newspaper at the section where people can post odd photographs of happening things or things that are just plain weird. I saw one photo of a guy's house with a microwave as a mailbox. Lol. That's just so creative x]
Not as epic as this though:

Okay, thats enough for my blog today. wth xD

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