October 27, 2008


There's this new anime, my brother is watching it, so i saw it as well D:
It's called Tytania. Yes, very new. Episode 3 just came out around this week(?)
Here's a pic of it:

yey I like Idris and Jouslain D: OMG Bishies xDDD
and yeah... been crazy about *cough*Y*cough*A*cough*OI*cough* lately XD i even drew some weird pictures D:
yus, a new drawing! here it is:

(if you're using Mozilla right click and select View Image for full view =D)

lol enough for now D: lul btw I made a papercraft ceiling cat xD it's © Tubbypaws @ tubbypaws.blogspot.com

g'night D:

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