November 1, 2008

An Exceptionally Long Post Today

OI! i just got back yesterday from my grands house and i havent been using the computer for so long, but you need not know about that ;)

My cousin from Singapore came a week ago, so i skipped school on Friday (awesome) to accompany her when shopping, whoop!
I went to a simple mall, not very big. Very boring. D:
But i got this!

(I like this 'keychain' whatchamacallit so much now)

On Saturday I went to a better mall (certainly BIGGER), Times Square, with her. I had something to buy in mind, and it had been pestering me for the last 2 days D:

I only managed to get Volume 3 TT^TT
They're out of stock on Vol. 1 and 2... so yeah.... i had to buy something, at least, or else i'll regret it for the rest of my life D:
And.. whoa... im so surprised that they didnt restrict the age of buying this manga to 18+ xD I mean, it's Yaoi D:

okay, i have like, 6+ new arts to submit in SheezyArt. Felt lazy to scan now, so i couldn't post it here too, oh well.

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