November 8, 2008

Time To Show You My Room!

Yush, told you I would make a double post today xD
(as usual i dunno why the heck is the quality of the pictures here are so ugly)

What you see here is the cleanest part of my room, and I just changed my bedsheets; the funny thing is, not all the sheets match :D I dont have the same type of bedsheet for all the things d:

In the photo above you may notice a/an:

  • bed

  • sidetable (okay fine, I'll be more serious)

  • bell (one of those japanese bell things 8D)

  • ceiling cat (i has one)
  • poster (that awesome DBSK poster i talked about before)

  • iPod (old version)

  • some weird blue hanging shelf thing full of stuffed toys

  • clock (it's yellow with pink spots xD)

  • Korean fan (yus my dad gave me that)

  • BLOO WALL (cuz it's awesome)

Now you can see a shelf beside my bed!

(note that my shelf is pretty cluttered, ignore that fact)

Now for some close-ups:

(my bell thing, i got used to the ringing at night when the air-cond blows at it xD)

(my ceiling cat, yes it's made of paper, i got it from Tubbypaws@blogspot.. it's not very nicely made d:)

Well yes that'll be all of my room xD
Oh yeah btw right after i changed my bedsheets i had the sudden urge to clean my whole room and BAM, my room is rather neat now xD

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