November 13, 2008


YAY, and the holidays are coming.. like... tomorrow is the last day of school before my holidays.. darn, finally.
Also finished my Year-end Exams, History was the hardest paper(i agree with Ashel) and yes, we had to retake the Maths Paper 1, how exciting D:<
I got back some of my marks though.. I got 84% for English... i expected 90+.. this is REALLY bad. Also, one of my friends heard a teacher say that my KH marks is the highest, which is 89%. I'm not sure about that though, i need to get back my result papers to prove that it's right D:

WHOOT! my parents allow me to go to Times Square on Saturday! And on that day Imma gonna watch Madagascar 2 with my friends and maybe after that James Bond: Quantum Of Solace with my family!! xD

Okay... lols, now to show you my current favourite song D:

Original MV:

Enough of it now, ignore the fact that the first video is the opening for a gay anime. I rest my case xD

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