November 15, 2008


Yesterday I went to Times Square with my friends, Ash, Chewy and Usagi-san. I thought i was late and all.. but i ended up being about half and hour earlier than everyone else. So later Chewy came first, and we walked a bit inside. Chewy decided to buy us the movie tickets for Madagascar 2 (yes... U___U) for the 1:50 pm show but we were 'late' and they had no more seats left for us. So we bought the 3:45 pm show (Ash and I couldnt watch cuz it was a lil late).

After that I ate some awesome ice-cream.... mmmm... Gelatio xD I had Cookies and Cream ice-cream. It tasted lovely D:

We walked around (all of us) for about an hour before Chewy and Usagi had to go watch their movie. So it was just me and Ashel... we killed time walking around and doing nothing xD

Earlier we passed an unusual event in the middle of the third floor (with something called 'ACF') and Ash guessed it was A Chicken Factory.. that cracked me up for a while xDDD
Then when I wanted to find S&J (some shop) we so happen to pass by that ACF thing and I noticed someone cosplaying as Alto from Macross Frontier... I was like... "OMG OMG OMG OMG IT'S ALTO!!!!"

So after walking in S&J and looking at all those cute things i had an idea and told Ash "Hey can i use your camera and take photos of that even there? Later at home you can send it over to me by MSN" =D

So yeah, i ended up staying there getting all excited about it with my poor friend following me around.. I thought she was getting bored, so I constantly asked her if i bore her xDDD
I also has her take pictures of the place, and the awesome arts they display!

HAY LOOK THERE'S ALLEN IN IT D: the dood with white hair on the stage xDD

Some epic art!

More epic art!

my friend was acting like a Paparazzi and was following me around and took this photo of a human's back D:

Lol hey look there's Yuuki xD

Whoa and also some terrorist guy =D

I didnt take a photo with Alto or Allen, Alto kept vanishing and i gave up looking for him(or HER, i should say, cuz his cosplayer is a girl) and when i found her i felt lazy and all xD
Also I wanted to take a photo with Allen but his cosplayer didnt look very nice so i changed my mind xD

YAY whoot there's two epic guys posing for us to take photos

But sadly the EPIC cool faded when the terrorist guy posed with them with the Gothic woman behind him xD That was REALLY awesome

After a while I felt like i'm REALLY boring Ash out so i walked with her some place else... she didnt felt bored btw xD and suddenly when we were going down the escalator..

and SNAP! a photo taken, when they're still on the escalator (very stealthy, no?)
beside the escalator there was a banking thing so a guy queuing there shook his head at us when he saw us doing such a random act. xD.

Not to mention, when we were strolling around some random Malay dood walked past me and said "Hai Sayang" or "Hi Sweetie"....


I was like...
you have no idea how ugly he was, even though he's wearing sunglasses, EW EW EW Dx

hahahhaa btw I wore my legwarmers there today and i can NOT count how many people had stared at them since when i first stepped into the areas of the mall xDDD
there was even one Indian girl with her mom, she passed me and saw my legwarmers and muttered something in Tamil to her mother, and after that both HER and HER MOTHER was staring at my legwarmers xDDD
I mean, COME ON!! If you go to Japan you'll get to stare at PLENTY of girls wearing that xDDDD

haha also, MUUUCHHH earlier i was passing the ACF when i saw some breakdancer girl lying on the floor and one of the boys in her group said to me "Quick! Someone call the ambulance!!" xDD I was ignoring them but i think the dood that spoke to me looked quite good :D

Okay, after my friends had to go, i stayed at a shop selling cameras with my parents (they came on their own later) and STAYED there xDDD cmon, my dad is like, looking at cameras for the past 1 hour or so, my mom was bored to death (obviously) and blahblahblah
We watched James Bond: Quantum of Solace (my bro didnt want to watch so he stayed at home). It was rather nice, but it ended so suddenly xDD well, that's James Bond for you. :D

Alrighty, I only managed to buy a small tin of Eclipse sweets and a phone strap with pictures of Kim Jae Joong on it xD
Most awesome day EVAR D: I cant forget it xDDD
Nuff said

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