December 15, 2008


Omg Hay... i havent been posting anything in SUCH A LONG TIME!!
so... i be ranting k? c:

I'm beginning to craze about Vocaloid.. aww dammit
here are my two favourite ones; i like a lot but these are the most touching (thus making it the best). whatever. xD

Len's "Bringing The Rain" (my current favourite, its so touching o;):

Kaito's "You":

i feel like crying whenever i watch those two ;C
also, i downloaded the mortal combat theme xDD what the-... after my brother played Fallout 3, we began to like the OLD OLD OLD songs they play in the Galaxy News Radio (damn that Three Dog); i like Civilization, I Dont Want To Set The World On Fire, Butcher Pete(xD) and Lets Go Sunning. awesome.

OH YUS! Imma going to the Comic Fiesta this Sunday!! OMG OMG OMG
I thought of making a cap with wings at the side and wearing it to the CF(and see how many people would stare at my oddness) but i thought: they would mistake me for a cosplayer if i wear clothes that are weird enough(i always do) xD bleh.

Also.. I joined a group in CrunchyRoll that lets you Claim Anime Characters that you like xD awesome isnt it? I claimed Cloud (YUS) but after that i was like: DAMN, i couldve claimed Brera instead. oh well.

That'll be all for today's post. Imma change my layout again (and the name of the blog xDD) Cuz i think it's lame :c

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