December 18, 2008


Yush, another post in my boring blog o3o
Yeah. my mom bought me something cute (it was meant for my Christmas present, but she gave it to me early)
This is it:

(a sunshine buddy o3o bunny version)

Oh yes, im gonna go to the CF! WHOOOOPAH~
Im gonna wear a special cap to that event, my mom helped me make my ideas real o3o
This is it:

(front view, It has my DA/Deviant Art Username: NKumiko)

(side view, the wings are this long)

If you'd like to own your own cap like this(xD) here are the materials you need o3o:
- a cap (any color you wish)
- felt (for the wings; it can be any color you want)
- thread (the same or a matching color with the wings)
- needle
- wire (those straight, long, soft, bendy wire for craft)
- cardboard/paper (for the wing template!)
- pencil (to draw the wing xD)

that's all you need o3o" Im not gonna explain the steps to make it, im lazy. xD
oh yes
~Merry Christmas everyone!
~and Happy New Year! oh man i hate Januaries D:

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