January 29, 2009

Whooo Still Holidays <3

lol! I always wanted to find the time to post, but most of the time I'm either out(to visit relatives) or just plain lazy. So be glad I finally had time to post :U

eck, my mom's friends came over today (for CNY) and now they're gambling and playing cards so yea, its a little hard to concentrate on what to type D:

so.. I went to my Grand Aunt's place the other day and my Aunt(another person duh) gave me this EWPINK diary and a limited edition Twilight bag... yeah... Twilight... =D=


Twilight bag c: oh how jealous my friends(who like Twilight) would be

Oh and yesterday.. I went to Times Square(again xD) to watch Red Cliff II with my family c: the seat we bought was 3+1 because the only seats left in a row for 4 people were in first row so yea xD

Oh and before the movie was ready for seating I went around the place and bought some stuff <3

Shoes 8D



.. it's a mirror 8D

hee I really like that mirror xD
lol @ mad laughing gambling people

Now for some rabbit:

lol cuz my rabbit REALLY likes the two big pillows on my room floor, he keeps going there xD

okies :'D
and oh YUSH my friends are gonna come to my house tomorrow.
Manju, Chan, Audrey, Gigi, Wong, Ash, Chew and Firiel 8D.. I'm so excited :'D


Roy is my boyfriend, and Aaron is my.. other.. boyfriend D:

oh and I will change the layout soon~

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