April 7, 2009

Weird day today, some bad, some good, some awkward..

Haha, today I went early to school at around 10am (my school is afternoon session).
I played volleyball with my friends. Man, the Form 1s were rather bad at it, we practiced 'digging' and the ball never reached me, so I went to my friends' group (the much more professional one) and played with them instead. They were so much fun xDD
Joey, Manju and others in the group including me spiked, kicked and 'dig'ed the ball so long it lasted for more than 1 minute before Pang(another friend) didn't managed to catch it and it stopped.
Dude we laughed so hard it was very difficult to concentrate xDD But it was really fun anyway.

Oh yeah, now for some bad and weird things.

I got called by a teacher today(along with some other students), and she asked me why I wasn't attending Chinese class during the recent weeks. I always forget or don't care whenever there's a Chinese class, it's not compulsory anyway.. but maybe this Thursday I will try to attend it..
My bag broke today. The small buckle at the strap (the one you use to adjust the length of the bag strap) broke. Yeah, good thing I can tie the strap to the remains of the buckle. I need to buy a new bag soon, I've been using this same bag for like.. 4 years already, awesome.

Yeah.. today a Form 1 girl asked me to be her pet sister(something like an adopted sister, or a stepsister).. I was pretty blur at that moment, so yeah. I'll give her the answer tomorrow(8/4/09)

What else... >__>"
nothing else, oh yeah. I got picked for the 'under 15 Volleyball team' for school. Just a reserve player, but I'm pretty happy xDD

okay then, typed a lot today. Currently downloading the On/Off's album 'Eien no Setsuna'.. like I said, I would put some music here, but I'm lazy.. so wait

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