April 11, 2009

Tony Roma's

yesterday i had school (bleh Saturday school, how boring)
only half the class came today, so the teacher's didn't bother teaching us anything. I got pretty occupied with this Project Fish thing. Oh yeah, speaking bout that, I need to finish typing Fish binder.

After school, I went home and bathed and changed and went out with my family 8D My mom wanted to treat my dad for his birthday (which apparently was on April 5th)
We wanted to eat at Saisaki (a Japanese buffet), but the dude said that you need reservations and it's only open for people to go in at 7:35 pm. Sad.

So we walked around and ate at Tony Roma's instead.
I ordered Grilled Lamb chop. Delish. The cream potato soup was exquisite. I managed to stomach about 2-3 pieces of that lamb meat. Their homemade mash potato was great too.

There was one family sitting behind us (the seats are really high so it enclosed the table). A little girl kept popping up and down (to see us), and she's very cute xDD
Soon, another girl started popping up and down with her and I felt like I was playing Peek-a-boo with a stranger (well, I was)
I gave them some Mentos but they didn't want it so I took them back xD
When we were done eating we walked passed the table and the little girl's dad told her to say 'bye bye'. Hilarious. I thought her dad didn't know she was fooling around with a stranger. So I waved back.

After that we traipsed around like fools, not knowing where we're going. My jeans managed to absorb enough rainwater to become a face towel. Random. IDK.

I bought a keychain though, It's one of those wire keychains that has your name on it. The woman twisted my name with the wire and Wa-la! BRENDA, with a musical Treble Clef and a blue bell at the end.

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Joe Yee said...

bren.. how much is the keychain??