April 18, 2009

No Title (eh wait, this is a title)

my parents went out yesterday (to Tesco) and when they came back you know what they bought me? 8D


A new vacuum cleaner!

it's red xD

yeah, I just did my chores (vacuuming the house floor) and I told my mom after that, "The vacuum really sucks!"
She laughed and said, "haha.. good. It sucks"

Gonna get my hair cut today 8D
New style.. new style..
I want to cut it short! Dx but I can't, dad wont let me xP

I feel like learning to use the sewing machine and stuff (I feel very crafty nowadays) and I feel like making my own clothes, accessories and customizing my computer xD I'm giving him WINGS!!!... bah.

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