January 9, 2010

Sims 3.. I like :D

APPARENTLY, you can make gay Sims in Sims 3, which is very fun (for me) because I'd love to have gay sims. Wtf. OTL
Yeah.. and guess what? They can be MARRIED too! WOW! WTFTW xD It feels weird
Lots of nice interactions :D

Yes, this is EXACTLY what it looks like. The redhead is Tedd, and the glasses guy is Zephaniah. IDK xD

FFF.. besides the 'Cuddle on the Bed' interaction (when both are on the bed), there is one called 'Woohoo'. FTW. Redhead rejected it the first time tho :C

Like whoa. I played Sims 3 just now and I got both of them on the bed. I tried 'Woohoo' again.. and.... uh, yeah.. It rained hearts. FTWTF orz
Gay secks. In Sims 3. :0

Here's another picture. OTL
They're making out in the bed. I'm such a perv. :D

Mhhhmmm.. I'm glad the positions (of the guys a.k.a seme/uke) is correct OTL xD

Uhh.. right. Nothing else to say. Got PILES of unfinished homework.. I gotta finish some soon Dx

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