January 3, 2010

Last Day of Holidays... *sigh*

Hurray! Tomorrow I get to wake up EARLY and get ready for school! And be like a n00b because I have forgotten almost all the formulas I have learned since Form 1.

But whatever about that. Today, something epic happened.
My cousin, who is a whizz at solving the rubix cube (apparently she can solve 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and some oddly shaped 3x3 cube), broke her 5x5 cube. yeah. Broke. And all the pieces FLEW everywhere! But that was a few weeks ago (I didn't see it break).
So she brought every single piece of it today, and with my brother's (and my) intelligence, and some cellophane tape, we managed to put it back together. And it works too. I feel very awesome.
She even tried to mix it up and solve it. It works like brand new, only it feels kinda loose.

Seriously I have NEVER, EVER, fixed something THIS complex. I mean, COME ON! It's a friggin 5 by 5 Rubix cube!! And all the pieces don't stick together with glue or rope or chains or cement. They have grooves inside to make sure it turns smoothly.
Man! The rubix cube looks like some kind of space station (when we fixed 3 faces of it). xD

Ahh, time to show you much room.. again. C: It's very clean now!

That's my mom under the blanket, btw. Yeah.. I know, I hate pink too

There used to be about 6 bags lying here, Now it's so clean :D

Well, this is the cluttered part of my room. Lol

Oh, this? He's my boyfriend. Lulz C:

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