January 2, 2010

Last 2 days of holiday! Holy shyst!!

Great. Back to school.. YAAYY!!! I get to see who didn't change class.

GOOD LORD Today my mom wanted me to change the bedsheets. yeah.
I haven't change the sheets since last year!! (lol @ the joke)

and from that it turned into a whole Spring Cleaning event. My room has never (and I mean NEVER) felt this clean in.. many many years? xDD
I managed to throw out 3 HUGE plastic bags FULL of past exam papers/ books/ paperstuff/ etc. Each bag is as big as a.. uhh.. square stool. Ftw.
I even threw out my old schoolbag, filled with old stuff, and a racket. One thing, I found a whole box in my cupboard full of old textbooks aging back to when I was in Standard 4 (10 years old). My room floor used to have, what, 6 (random) bags/paperbags FILLED with books/paper/random stuff I don't bother to clean out and fake roses. Now? On the floor is only my new schoolbag, with nothing in it. Oh, did I mention that I changed my bedsheets too? Yeah, I did that.
I'd take photos of my cleaner bedroom, maybe tomorrow?
You know, I actually had fun cleaning out my room, I even felt like continuing and cleaning the remainder sections of the room (that I planned to clean one fine day), like my desk, the two drawers in my desk, and that big dusty box on top of my cupboard.
And.. I find vacuuming the air-conditioner filters enjoyable. wtf. I get to see all the dust come off the filter and leave a line of clean plastic behind. OTL

Not only my room is much cleaner now (and much cooler, as in air-cond 'cool'), it is much more spacious (now that all the bags are gone) and more comfortable to be in (because there aren't any random stuff lying around).
And ceiling cat seems to be very happy about the big cleanup I had today too. Hurray!

Oh man.. it's almost time to go back to school.. I can't believe it's already a new year. Oh, I had sushi for dinner today. Cheap, hypermarket sushi. But it was tasty! And I had leftovers, so that would be tomorrow's breakfast, and lunch, and tea, and dinner, and supper.

Gotta stop typing now, my eyes ache from seeing all the white-colour of the 'New Post' screen.

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