December 25, 2009

Aunt's House :D

Yay! I went to my Aunt Maple's house yesterday. Her house is HUUUGGGEEEEE!
It looks like some kind of Bali hotel lobby at the living room xDD

This is one of her.. uhh... seats? Yeah, very much like a hotel lobby. Oh, that's my grandma at the side, btw.

Me posing at the side of her... pool? :0

This is inside her house (living room). Yes, those are boobs. xD

And then we had a tour around her house, the house initially had 2 floors, but because the ceiling was really high, they renovated it and made it into 4 floors. Awesome.
And in her room there was:

A wardrobe. A HUUUGGGEEEE wardrobe. I want one ;A;

Look at all the clothes she has!! D:

And look at all the bags she has!!

And this is her.. uhh.. room. The wardrobe was a separate room (inside her room). Her bed is above this seat, those steps lead to the bed. xD
Oh, my aunt is the beautiful woman sitting beside me :D

Oh god, her house ;A; I want one.

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Ashelnaut said...

Are you sure her house isn't initially a hotel? :U