December 19, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 1!!

YAAAYYY!!! It was awesome! Too bad I'm not going for day 2 though.. TT^TT

Now.. time for some photos!! Ahhhhh!! xDDD This time I MAKE SURE I hunt for the cosplayers and take photos of them. I got about 50+ 8D!!!

This is me. Ugly. Fat. and uhh.. generic-looking. I was meant to be Ritsuka. But over there I look like some random neko. OTL

ALLLTTTOOO <3<3<3heart. And better, he's cosplayed by A REAL GUY!! OMG! <3

Kaito and Miku from 'Magnet', and the girl with glasses is my long lost friend lolol

Now how do you spell her name again? Yuuko? She's from xxxHolic :D

I could never get a proper photo of him, no matter how hard I try, It always becomes blur.. the photo is ccuuurrrssseeeddd D:

Allen, whatshisnameagain, and Lavi

And then suddenly Kanda walked by, and I was like "Ahhh Kanda can I take a photo with you?", Lol, he said yes and suddenly whipped is blade out of the sheath and stood in this pose. He even dropped his sheath on the floor on purpose. xD

This guy is Ichigo, right? xD

Some cute Vocaloid Nendoroids

And some cute Lucky Star Nendoroids.

Dunno who's this, but ohhh god her/his costume is AWESOME

Yayyy Len and who's that guy again... xD OTL

Gakupo and Meiku. OMG, Gakupo was cosplayed by a real guy!! I even thought the cosplayer was a girl since he was wearing eyeshadow and fake eyelashes.

Kaito and Megupo? IDK, I really wanted to know who was that Vocaloid character (because I saw so many pictures of her but I didn't know her name), so I asked the cosplayer. She gave me a short description of the character. xD

Sniper from Team Fortress

Squall from FF8, he looks very 'pretty' xD

Cloud! OMG!! He was surrounded by photographers. xD

C.C, Gino and Lelouch from Code Geass

I think Edward hated me for doing that xDDD

OMG! A Barret! A Cloud! And a Cid!!


Iori!! xD

She has a big gun.. I like it :D

It took so much effort to make that pose. I love his hair <3

The characters from KOF

WHOOOO!!! China, America and Japan!! <3 Yay!

Gakupo, Len and Kaito.. from 'Imitation Black'.

Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night

I love this guy, he's the tallest cosplayer in that place <3

Master Chief!! Lufff <3


Epic lifesize statue. I even thought he was a cosplayer xD

Zombie Nurse from Silent Hill. I LOOOOVE the way she walk!!

:D <3

OHHH MY GOD this guy is SOOOO pretty I wanna SQUEEEEEZE him!!

He was like "Why don't we take a photo together??", he even put his hand around me. Preeettttyyy boyyy mmmm *o*

Squall and the other guy(now what's his name again?) sitting on the floor being beggars.

I wanted to be nice so I gave Squall 10 cents. The other guy was like "what?" because he didn't get any. So I took 5 cents from Squall and gave it to him. xD

Mikhail and Klan from MacrossF

Roy Mustang ommmggg

Annnddd last but not least Miku in a wedding dress? She was posing nicely on the stairs for the photographers.

Okay! That's all the photos. @o@ So many!!
I even got to meet Iwashi-kun and Asakura-Misakichi from DA! too bad I didn't get to meet Uepu(DA) or Cantabile(SA)...
Lol when I was taking photos of Tohsaka Rin my friend (that I'm not supposed to meet there) walked by and shouted "OH MY GOD!". I shouted "OH MY GOD!" back at her and she said "WHAT THE HELL?!". Lol and I shouted "WHAT THE HELL?!" back at her too. Tohsaka was like "Whoa... you two hate eachother that much?" xDDD
Yay! I bought some stuff from kiDChan's booth!! And I even commissioned a random artist. Initially she said RM1 for a sketch, and I was like "WHAT?! So cheap!?! You deserve more!!". Lol, so I asked her "Can I commission you to draw something?" and she said yes, so I leaned towards her a little and said "Can you draw BL?". She was like "HHAAAA!!!" and laughed. I commissioned her to draw Len and Kaito. :D

Okay!! That's all from Comic Fiesta this year.. I hope I get to attend it next year too!!!


Michelle said...

Hahah wahey! I'm the girl who cosplayed the SH2 Nurse in one of your pictures..I'm glad you liked the walk :D

I hope you don't mind that I used the picture you took, I've credited it back to your blog on mine♥
(if you'd rather I didn't though, I'll take it off :) )

Master Chief Gixxer said...

Hey there.. im Master Chief you have a bigger resolution for my photo ? If do, give me a buzz at my blog post or use the contact me button on top ..sankyuuu