December 18, 2009

2012 + Avatar = Awesomesauce <3 / Comic Fiesta 09

Hey guys! I watched 2012 last week and IT was pretty <3 I like the graphics and CGIs(?). Favourite part was when the main characters always manage to escape at the last possible moment. And oh... Noah, he's a cute boy. xD
But I thought that the whole world is going to crumble and explode or something.. damn.

Soooo Avatar!!!! I just watched yesterday. VERY VERY nice. Graphic/CG is beautiful. Quite funny sometimes. I love the mechs and the Omaticaya people. They look nice.
I love the part when all those little jellyfish-like 'seeds of life' fly towards Jake slowly and he tries to smack them away like mosquitoes. xD
Overall, both very nice movies. I'd prefer Avatar .. I'm not sure.

Next movie : I dunno. But I want to watch The Lightning Thief. :D

Okay sooo.. COMIC FIESTA!!! YAY!!!
I've been sleeping well and uh.. early yesterday, so I can wake up early and be fresh today! :D Going for the first day which is today(19/12/09). Dressed up as someone :D You'll see.
I can't wait to go there. Got loads of people I'd like to meet. All of them from DA, though I'm not sure if I can find a girl from SA. D:
Must bring infinite amount of cash! D:< BUY BUY BUY BUY BUYBUYBUYBUY. Especially kiDChan's products. Yesssssss :D

I'll post some photos tonight or tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow. But I'll make sure I show the world how awesome his convention is :0 ARGHH I MUST MAKE SURE TO TAKE MOAR PHOTOS. We Must Have More!!!

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