November 12, 2009

AAAHHH!!! I don't update enough!!!!

oh no ;A; I feel like I abandoned this blog :C

Uhh uhh uhhh... oh YAY! I finished my year end exams already! Tomorrow's the last day of school... Oh man, time sure flies really fast >.>"
Next year I'll have to attend school in the morning! OH NO!! I don't want to wake up that early everyday ;A;

Okay now.. what to say.. OTL
I'm gonna go out with some friends(?), I guess we are gonna watch 2012.. I can't wait!!!

Right.. what else.... xD
Oh yeah! I finished watching K-On! I think it's really really cute OTL (I sound so lame...)

Ahhh!! I love the Vocaloid version of the K-On Opening! It's so cute/funny xDDD

Lol Len must feel very awkward in this video, he's the only boy

Okay, I have nothing else to write/type(?) about.. OTL

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