September 19, 2009


Loooll OTL It's been like, 2 months since I last updated my blog... aiyo..

Yay!! It's the Raya holidays!! I get one week off *0*
What should I do during the holidays.. eh?

Lulz I went to my dad's FAVOURITE restaurant today for dinner. When I walked in I saw this boy who looked kinda cute xDDDD But when he walked past me I saw his full face and i noticed he wasn't really that cute OTL
Malaysia has no cute boys xDDD

IDK What to say lulz xD
Oh!! There's this awesome video I found in Youtube from my "Recommended for You!" Section. The song was sung by the vocaloid team (Kaito, Len and Gakupo). I watched the original video (sung by the original singer) because it sounded good.. LOOOLLLLL OTL It was a BL game.....

Ah.. I should just show you guys what it is :D

Lulz.. I am in love with this song *0*

Oh!!!! I would LOVE to play a game :0 It's called Dissidia D: <3<3
It has Cloud in it!! D:!!!!! But too bad it's for PSP and I can't find a good emulator to download OTL I don't even know where to download the full game. ARRRGGHHHARRRGGHHARGAHRGAHRGARGHH D:<<< I Really Wanna Play That Game D:

Alright!!! I got some Maths homework that I don't bother to finish.. OTL I don't even know how to do them :U
Hahaha!!! on 29th September (Tuesday), there's this special event in my school, students don't need to wear uniforms, but instead they can wear traditional clothing!!! Hahaha.. The teacher even said Kimonos are OK, Just as long as the clothes are neat and not.. sexy(?) xD
But LOL we have to wear school shoes with it xDDD

Alright.. Nothing else to say now OTL

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