July 17, 2009


Yayy!! Yesterday (16/7/09) my school had a group singing competition for all Form 2's.. My class sang You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson. We got 1st place!!!!! YAAAYYYY xDDDD

I just LOOOVEEE the way we entered and left the stage.. It was all last minute preparation, but the outcome was very very great because everyone cooperated c:
We entered with the song Lip Gloss by Lil' Mama, the conductress (Manju) came in first, and when it was the 'what you know bout me, what you, what you know bout me?' part.. all of use burst out into the stage like Gangsters xDD

We sang the slow song after that xDD
I'm really happy that there were many supporters.. everyone waved/swayed their hands with us at the end of the song 8D
After our main song, everyone bowed and turned to their side (according to their rows).. and we shook/moved our heads to the beat of Starstruck by 3Oh3!! 8D Oh I just loooove that song x> We did some pretty awesome moves too at the going out part..

I can never forget that day xD That was the best performance ever!! and most of all, everyone had fun.. and skipped many classes to practise.. everyone was happy to practise because of that xDD

Oh!! Tomorrow I am going to the Bon Odori at Shah Alam.. I can't wait!!
I have NO idea what to wear xDDD I might wear something simple... I really want a yukata D: It would be sooo nice to wear one there.. :c

Okay.. I have nothing to say xDD

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