May 1, 2010

Gonna make a double post today :D

Yes, exactly what the title said. The second post is going to be about Tokio Hotel (yeah, I know. but I dunno what got me so obsessed suddenly)


You must watch it!! There was some hilarious parts in the movie xD I laughed at one part where Tony's dad said (in his recorded video) "and now I present to the world...... my ass" xDDD Lol!
I also laughed when Rhodey said "Get a roof!" to Tony (because he was kissing Pepper on the roof of some building after saving her) lulz xDD

My mom just came back from China (umm.. on Friday) and she bought me loads of stuff. 2 Long sleeve shirts, 2 Tees, one hoodie, 3 scarves, she even gave me 4 keychains OTL; lol
and try to guess how many photos she took? 847 i think. OTL;;;; and there's still other photos of her in other peoples' cameras.

Time for some photos :U

The pose is deliberately done the same xD ignore the messy background o3o

Lulz! I had too much time in my hands yesterday, I made these >3< <3

A hairclip. Idk, just thought the idea was cute. I wanted to make a ducky clip, but then ducks are hard to draw xD

A keychain for fun, the design is the same as the clip, it's just for fun xD

Oh god this post is so random

I made tiny origami the other day! The cranes just kept getting smaller and smaller xDDD lol! The smallest (in the photo) is 0.7 cm small. The biggest is 3.7 cm.

:D hmm.. should I do that double post thing? Maybe... maybe not... heck, I'll just do it. xD OTL;;


Ashelnaut said...

Are those ':D' faces on the Bear Scarf? OMG! OOOO:

Ducks? Hard to draw? I can draw one for you!

King Bren said...

@ Ashelnaut

No sir, it's the bear's nose xDD

Why not?! Draw me a silhouette of a ducky :D <3