May 2, 2010


My brother flew back to his NS camp today :T

Okay.. ummm... something random? :D

Be warned, some of the pictures you are about to see are ghey looking :D

My Lord, LOL! What is this.. porn?! xDD

wtf. I only saved pictures of Bill and Tom Kaulitz :T I should put some pictures of the whole band/group xDD

Hah! I noticed that Bill (the girly gothic looking dude) wears.. umm... tight and fitting clothes but his twin brother Tom (the gangsta dude with the cap and dreadlocks) wears loose and baggy clothes. Lol xD

:T Fail.
I really dunno what's wrong with me. Suddenly I have this obsession with Tokio Hotel. guhhhhh...
My best friend is gonna hate me for sure :U god, she knows my blog... better pray she doesn't read this..


Ashelnaut said...

Lol I avoid their music so I don't know. xD
I'm only just helping your best friend.

I think one of them is a real girl. Nobody can tell nowadays. o______o

King Bren said...

@ Ash :
Dude, lol. Helping? :T You know, she likes the ghey-ish looking picture (the last one of Bill and Tom)

Real girl? pfftt.. Bill Kaulitz is a guy xDD No girls in this band.