May 8, 2010

Wishlist!(?) \o/

Yesss.. I have no idea what to post in my blog today, so I'm just gonna type some stuff that I'm dying to have/buy :D

Btw, in one of my previous blog posts I have posted pictures of gothic clothes, yes, I want those too :D


1. I want skinny jeans! But I love the type for guys more than the girls :T Darn
2. Cargo pants with army print! :D Love those alot! But, just like the jeans, I prefer the ones for guys. Darn again. :T
3. Gloves (preferably the fingerless type), Black.

4. Black and white nail polish! And grey too! :DDD

5. Black or white (or any other colour) T-shirts with those messy/scribble/rugged designs. I love those :0 Or T-shirts with my favourite artists/bands

6. Leather jackets! :DDDD I want moarrr jackets! Preferably the type that Bill wear, because I love his jackets :D
7. Those sport armbands, black or white coloured :D

8. Converse boots! YES! I really want those!!! :DD

9. Weird contact lens, or the chestnut colour one \o/ I'd also love to have a cat eye contact lens.. or do that David Bowie style xD

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