June 1, 2010

Melaka Trip!!

LOL! I went on a vacation to Melaka on 27/5 till 30/5
It was awesome! But Melaka is bloody hot D: My skin!!!!

I went shopping with my mom at Mahkota Parade for like.. 3 days in a row OTL
Got bored after the first time going there xDDD But it's nice and cold and there are many cute guys-- wait, I'm just kidding.

My hotel!! Wow! It's awesome! And the breakfast was the awesomest!! xDD
The choice of food at the breakfast buffet was so wide, I ate so much for breakfast for 3 days OTL And then I didn't feel like eating much during lunch..

Okay, time for some photos! <3

That's my mom and dad's bed... OTL It's very comfy and nice and the pillows have a 'soft' or 'firm' label :D

Lol, we had satay celup for our dinner on Thursday night. That panda bear looking thingy is a fishcake actually. Don't mind me, just being retarded..

Breakfast!! looks tasty, no? :D OH YEAH BTW CHECK OUT MA NAILS :DDD

Lol, my mom took this

On Friday night we had a Nyonya dinner at a restaurant called Peranakan. Spicy, yes.. but taste awesome

After dinner we went to Jonker Street for a walk!! JAM PACKED WITH PEOPLE! LAWL!!

On Saturday morning my mom and I went to the Menara Taming Sari (some Gyro spinning tower of sorts).. Lookit that thingy!

Some photos I took when I was on the tower.. the third picture is Dataran Pahlawan mall.. the fourth one is the Hotel I stayed in! :D

In Old Town for lunch.. lawl

Lol!! Camwhore pic in the room..

Some tree near the hotel.....

On Sunday we went to the St.Paul place.. uhh.. building.. thingy..

And then my mom and I took a beca back to.. uhh... Mahkota Parade :D

Haha, that's about it!! Oh yeah btw, my dad wasn't with us because he was at his conference thingy! :DDD


Ashelnaut said...

It's so strange seeing you with a skirt. @.@




King Bren said...

Ya meh? I wear miniskirts... how can it be weird? XD Not like I look like a boy, right? now THAT would be strange to look at.

Imagine Joey/Leela wearing a skirt..