July 6, 2010


Lol.. no. I didn't go to Japan. My parents did :D!! And they bought me sooo much stuff!!

Okay, time to show you what they bought~~ <3

HA! My whole bed FULL of stuff!! LOL XD

My new yukata!! You can see a Dragonfly/Red one at the back (my mom bought two!) x3

Yaayyy~ A Bento egg mould.. hahahaha!! I saw this one in the net and I think it's Very cute! I didn't know my mom would buy it :0
Ohh... in the background you can see two Belts.... one is really girly and one is checkered-black/white.. LOL

A clock! Haha.. LOL, My bro bought that Ritsu figurine (not my mom, and it's not from Japan either..)

My Geta (Japanese clogs)

All kinds of sweets/snacks... hahaha

Two fans.. The blue one is made of paper :D

AWESOME T-shirt! The Japanese words are "Burenda"/Brenda.. my bro has one too! (His one is Dark Blue with the words "Buraian"/Brian)

Some cute shirt my mom bought... LOL

My two Kinchaku bags, and two pairs of Chopsticks.. LOL... xD

You see the flowery/pinkish Bag.. It's reversible! Awesome, right? My mom didn't know that until I opened it xDD lolol

AAAAANNNNDDDD a random Japanese Cup noodle that I had for supper yesterday. My mom said it's very cheap (like 50+ yen only).. It taste nice

Yeah.... :DDD <3 I love my parents... oh, and my yukata <3<3

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