September 18, 2010

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan!!!


OMFFFGGG that anime!! So many hawwwtt guys *w*
But it's not complete yet.. I have to wait til next Autumn for the continuation!! D:

Okay then.. how about I post random pictures of the characters I <3 in this anime? :DD

Yeah~ It's... a random picture! :D I love all the guys here

Hijikata Toshi!! *A*

Saito Hajime!! *Q* Wtf with the subtitles XD


Okita Souji~

Harada Sanosuke :0

Lol.. Heisuke and Shinpachi xD I love it when they fight over the food

aaand finally.. Kazama!! *A*

Grrr I wanna see the next part D:


Feiru said...

that guy in the last picture looks like he's wearing a female kimono

(btw i'm whitedragon202020/etsuko XD)

Rebekah Aiko Fujimoto said...

HEY! Now I found ur blog XDDDDD

Bren-chan~ said...

Feiru : LOL!! It's a male kimono.. maybe its the designs xDD

Reb : YAY! Yokoso >w<