September 9, 2010

I'm Having The Anime Fever

So far this holiday week I've been watching anime everyday XDD

Recently I've finished watching Nabari no Ou..
Also sad... ;A; The ending is really touching.. *sighhh~*

Haha.. the main characters of the anime, all very cool (and hawt :D)

Rokujou Miharu.. the main character. He's cute c:


Tobari-sensei.. He's cool too :D

Aizawa Kouichi... nyehehehe Glasses guy *w*

Raimei... She's a cool samurai girl :D

Raimei's brother, Raikou.. He's really cool too :D

Raikou's wonderful lover-- I mean helper, Gau. Lawl. I can't find any pictures of him in the net XD

IDK.. I finished watching Canaan yesterday and today I watched Summer Wars.
That movie is really cute and unique..

Canaan.. it's an anime full of cool people with pistols and guns :D

Summer Wars... it's awesome :D

See? epic moment. XD

Okay.. I should stop putting random shite in my blog now :DD
Next animes to watch:
Sengoku Basara
Sayounara Zetsubou-sensei
Tegami Bachi
etc.. XD

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