October 30, 2010


Huhuhu~ It's the time for celebration, time to scare people, time to.. dress up in weird costumes!

Well, unfortunately.. My country doesn't celebrate this occasion.. boo. OTL
Happy Halloween btw! WHOO~

Man, I really don't know what to type in my blog nowadays xDDDD
Ohhh ohh~ hahaha... Kaoru gave me cookies for Halloween <3 awwwwww :DD

I love this event!! >w< He looks so cute here~

Damnnn~ I really want to be a premium member *cough* then I can see him in the showers--HAHAHAHAHAAA jk jk jk :DDD <3

YAY~~ I started playing LUNA Online! It's cute.. a bit repetitive (because of the quests) but its adorable! I don't get why they make the NPCs like, twice the height of the user characters OTL
This is my character~ I just started so he's quite low level..

I'm already level 17 now.. this picture is when my level was lower xP

Yeah~ Going to a housewarming party later.... my mom's boss's house. He's a rich guy :0 LOL OTL He invited liek 100 over people! wtffff xDD

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