October 26, 2010


Grr... after PMR, school's sooooo boring -___-;;;
Too free in school, my classmates don't even bother to attend anymore xDD
Even I feel like skipping, but maybe maximum two days a week. >__>;;

Tomorrow school gonna have a stupid talk about Gender confusion. Wtf? I don't care about sexuality or whatnot -___-;; what's wrong with girls dressing up as guys and vice versa? Okay maybe guys dressing like girls would be creepy.. but that's not the case..

YESSSS!! Playing Halo:Reach with my brother. This game is EPIC cool!! Kakkoi desu ne~ xDD
A little tricky, but my brother already finished the game once, now he's playing 2 Player with me.. OTL I really like the fact that you can customize every part of your suit. Like the helmet, shoulders, arms, etc. Even change the visor colour. That's really awesome. Unlike last time where all the Spartans look the same, except for the colour of the suit xD

OTL... I don't know what to type anymore..

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