December 1, 2010


Yeah! My family and I went to Sunway Giza last Sunday (28/11/10)..
We ate at FULLHOUSE. The restaurant is VERY nicely designed, with cute photos and chairs and whatnot. It's a great place to take photos too...
and the food... Heavenly.. you HAVE to try it!! XD

No more typing, here's some photos~

Entrance~ Haha. I like the bushes..

It's a cafe~ Moe De Cafe... supposed to have free manga reading and maids to serve you... but I only saw ONE miserable maid XD

Tiffany!! One of the Characters in Fullhouse

They have a really cute pink car too.. haha

A nice fountain outside the restaurant. The outside looks like a garden too.. :D

Ohhhh I love this chair!! It's sooo princess-like

Besides food... they sell stuff too! Cute stuff!!

KIRA! Lol xD

Lamb shank!! mmmmm~ My dinner :D

LOOK AT IT!! It's just so... so... mouth watering oAo



More chicken~ xDDD

Guess which one is my drink? xD haha.. I give you a hint.. It's made of fruit

DESSERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/ VERY TASTY

LOL xD Random.. this is some tree outside Moe De Cafe

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