December 6, 2010


Lol!! I went out to Fahrenheit, Sungei Wang and TS last Friday (3/12/10)
Annndd I went to the Curve yesterday (5/12/10)

I took some photos but I was lazy to post LOL!! anyway, I came home late so I wasn't able to use the computer -____-;;

Hmm, ok! Fahrenheit it an awesome place for girls who love shopping for clothes and accessories! SO MANY ACCESSORY SHOPS!!!!!! OMG! It feels like heaven!
The clothes are kinda 'designer' (unique).. the price is somewhat like in Pavilion(?).. Not sure. But the place is still new so many shops are not open yet -___-;;

Front of Fahrenheit.. doesn't look like Malaysia.. hahaha!!

Somewhere inside, near the entrance.. they're already ready for Chrismas.. LOL

I bought a new jacket from one of the shops!! called.. Mirrorcle. haha xD

Can't really see.. haha, but nice right?? It's RM46.. OTL

Yesterday we went to look at Sofas (again.. for the 100th time) in Lorenzo..
I saw one, it looks really nice!! The whole setting, table, sofa and light.. haha

The pattern is really nice, colours too.. haha, look at the price of that light! LOL (can't really see xD)

Random!!! LOOK AT THIS GUY'S CAR!! WTF! SO.. awesome! \o/ but the guy is like a bastard (look at how he park)

Okay, random sofa stuff aside, I went to the Curve yesterday (after looking at sofas).. since my parents wanted to look at moar sofas (OTL;;;), my bro and I walked together to somewhere else xD We went to Borders.... that was one of the usual stuff we would do.
\o/ So damn happy!! For fun, I 'displayed' the BL comics I could find (by that I mean taking out one of the books, then placing them flat out, to show the cover)

My brother is looking at Kimikiss (LOL). You can see some of the mangas are 'displayed' out (not all, but some are done by me XD) Apparently the 'L' section has plenty of BL XDDD HAHAHA
Oh... Look at what I found in one book about Internet jokes


Much later, we walked to E@Curve because my bro said there were Anime shops there.. we saw this.. LOL


HOMFG I bought a Cloud Strife (and Sephiroth) jigsaw puzzle!! 1000 pieces! FTWTF \o/ gonna go crazy putting it together.. OTL
Oh.. Dinner time.. we ate at Bubba Gump. It's based of the movie Forest Gump. I never really watched that movie before, but the concept of this restaurant is nice!

Mummy and Daddy :D

Me.. hahahahaa

Okay, I believe this post is too long.. OTL XD

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