January 13, 2011

CNY Clothes?? XD

Heeee~ I bought two new dresses recently... I love both of them!! >w<

The top one is very Cloud-esque :DDD I might as well cosplay as a genderbend of him XD
The bottom one is from Nichii, Instantly fell in love with that dress >w< Even a guy said I was beautiful.. har harrr (Hullo daddy~ I know you're reading this :D)

Not sure what to say... hmm...
Today I joined the Multimedia Club in school :D!!
and I got elected as a (Naib Pengerusi) Vice President of the Club!!! \o/ yayzzz~
The first activity of the group is to divide into groups and create a Blog for the Club. I'm very interested in this! The most creative blog will get chosen and will be used until the end of time xDD hahahahhaa

ok... Dunno what to say anymore.. better get to designing that blog!!
maybe when it's already up, you guys can check it out. The address is kelabmultimediablog.blogspot.com

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