December 30, 2010


OMG! orz;;;;;;;;;

Seriously... sigh, the year just pass like that. I'm gonna start Form 4 in 3 days.. NOOO!!! >____<;;;

Oh well. Lol today I followed my mom to her office again to help her friend with some scanning job.. but during the afternoon my mom and I found some time to visit the Nichii store nearby XD I bought some stuff~~ Clothes~ \o/

Black shorts... o__O It's very short XD But I really love the zip on both sides, you can unzip it too XD Lol but the shorts don't open up like that XDD

GAHAHAHA *EDIT* PANTHER PRINT (yes yes~ It's Panther, daddy~) \o/ Nice lehhh

Multi-chain necklace!!! Time to tick something out of my Wishlist! :DD

Lol the grand total was RM111.75
Cheap cheap :D \o/

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