May 2, 2011

Thor :B

Mmmmm~~ Thor-- *cough* oh, Ahem. Sorry. I was just.. err... nothing. :B

HEEEE~~ Went to Mines to watch Thor today. FUCUK!!!!!!! The dude's body?!?!?!! Damn ripped and awesome hot XDD LOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL!!
So manry oAo <3


LOLOL *insert random fangirling scream here* :B

LOLOLOLOL.. orz;; I really don't have anything else to say, actually..
Oh! LOL, if you can see the HEADER above (look to the up), you notice that Roy has glasses now. HAHA. If i like I will change the header some more, to make it random and funny shite :B

Oh.. kay, see ya *runs off to fangirl about Chris Hemsworth's body some more*

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