October 18, 2011

News and Music?

HHEEEYYYAA DUDES! So gonna flunk that Physics test har har OTL;
(I'm having my Final exams now, going to end soon at Oct 21. Can't waiittt 8D)

News! More gay men emerging from the shadows in the world OTL;
Zachary Quinto (actor of Spock in Star Trek 2009) is gay?! The heck xDD He's good looking, dammit why do the good looking guys become gay? orz

Damn pissed off. Why don't certain guys THINK before they say something. Come on, guys. THINK PROPERLY before you say something! It's not THAT hard.. seriously.

Anyway, I'm in love with Owl City's songs. They're all so beautiful and catchy in a way. My current favourite is this one :

Going to Comic Fiesta 2011!! Hopefully can attend both days! Haha 8D <3 gotta love cosplay~

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