October 22, 2011

Shopping Day~! LOL

Haha ;PPP Went shopping with my mom today~ Didn't buy much, but I got some stuff that I wanted! ^o^
Went to Pavilion~ Ate at Cafe Takahashi at Tokyo Street... saw photos of my cosplayer friends on the TV screen xD haha~

Here's some photos~ >w<

LOL! Passed the police building... the design seems.. familiar..


O hay~ Its my mom XD

Chawanmushi~ And my foods XD kinda..

Actually.. sadly thats pretty much it for the photos I took OTL;
I bought a new bracelet! And skinny jeans (yay!) and eye frames! :DD

My bracelet~ hee 8D

LOL Random camwhoring with my megane *u* heehehehhahahahaa

Riiight~ That's about it then xD YAY EXAMS FINISHED *runs around like a mad person*

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