March 29, 2012

Super Late Birthday Post muahahaha~~

XDD Yes, the title says it all! OTL!! My birthday is, in fact, on March 12, but thanks so much to my procrastination skills and the fact that I'm always busy with other stuff, I've finally managed to scrape my time to do this XD haha~

Okay, don't want so much words, this is my High Tea Buffet on March 11 >w< At Furama Hotel~ Fancy wancy, the food is not bad :D

Daddy~~ 8DD

Cake XD haha~ It's a.. carrot cake OTL

We hung out at Times Square after that xD Lawl~ At the Avenue place

Herpa derp faces xD

Top down camera angle lala-style pose photos!! Whoot whoot xD

Wheee~~ And my mommy bought some stuff for me 8DD

A cute bag to go with my lolita dress~~ (See previous post XP)

Muahahahhahaha~~ Multicoloured swimsuit =w= Can't wait to use it

That's about it. ;u; Time to suffer in my school again..

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