April 5, 2012

Buffet Dinner~ Muahahaha :D

Dayummm~~ I really need to find the time to update more XD;; ahaha~ School's been dragging me down as usual.. this sucks :U

Anyway~ My family went to some buffet dinner thing on April 1st (lolol) at Le Meridien to celebrate my dad's birthday (early)... so yeah~~

Bwahahahhaa!! It's so shiny and blinding!!!! 8DDD

And I enter the restaurant to be greeted with..

BAM!!! Chocolate fountain(s), note the white chocolate fountain beside it!! 8DDD OH YESSS

Random stuff I ate :'D

As you can see, this is some sort of mush. Actually it's COD FISH TENPANYAKI, AND IT TASTES HEAVENLY :'DD

Green tea ice-cream ;u; I swear, they never sell these in supermarkets OTL

And more.. XD

Believe it or not I asked for THREE different kinds of tea :'D First was English Breakfast, then Earl Grey, then I wanted the best so the waiter got me Chamomile tea :D Feel like an Ojou~

Me looking all herpa derp OTL

Just my mom, messing with her phone camera effects XDD

That's all for now I guess :'D XDD I really miss that codfish, and chocolate fountain <3

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